AUGUST 1, 2020

We invite you to participate in life together & experience our 2020 faith journey online. Also, stay connected with us and get constant updates about what we’re doing during this time of physical distancing.

In regards to the current state guidelines for places of worship, you can find both the county and state links here:



We understand church can sometimes feel strange & impersonal, but we don’t want to be that kind of church.

Whether you are young, old, tattooed or not, Atheist, or Christian, we hope that this is a place you feel welcome. We also hope that through participating in life with us that you would have deeper discussions, develop meaningful relationships, and move closer to God.

Whoever you are and wherever you’ve been you’re welcome at Summit.


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Weekly at 10am

We invite you join us in singing a few worship songs, followed by a sermon, and a time to connect with others after the service.

As always, children are invited to attend the service and have the option of joining Children’s Church before the sermon begins.

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